The Holography Conference Online™ (THCO) – Call for Papers

Reconnaissance International announces that The Holography Conference™ will now be an online event called The Holography Conference Online™ (THCO). The Call for Papers is now open and delegates are invited to submit a proposal to present by the 13 September 2024.

THCO will comprise of four sessions, with up to four papers in each, spread over two days, along with a panel discussion, debate, and presentation of the IHMA Excellence in Holography 2024 Awards.

The conference will still fulfil its main purpose – namely the exchange of information and experience between hologram suppliers, producers and users, and the sharing and showcasing of the latest technologies, production techniques, new applications and markets, as well as industry-wide issues. world.

Reconnaissance is inviting papers that align with the conference themes of:

  • Resilience and Sustainability. What steps is the holography industry taking to respond to the duel threats posed by COVID-19 and the environmental crisis?
  • Physical, Digital, Virtual. The world is dematerialising and, along with it, the security and non-security applications for holography. In an ideal world, however, physical, digital and even virtual can combine to provide optimum solutions for identification, security and traceability
  • Cooperation, Collaboration, Competition. One day you’re a competitor, next day you’re a collaborator. Now more than ever, the holography industry relies on partnerships to deliver successful projects and on the integration of complementary technologies to create world-beating products.
  • Innovation and the Next Frontier. Smaller (or larger), brighter, faster, more robust, less cost, greater durability – the sector is pushing the boundaries of what is possible – and affordable.

The scope of the conference is loosely formed around the following:

Design, Origination and Pre-Production:
  • recording materials; light sources (including lasers, diodes, white light, UV); delivering the client’s vision; techniques and concepts; spatial light modulators (SLMs); computational methods for digital holographic imaging.
Materials and Manufacturing
  • embossing materials; coatings and metallisation; photopolymers; optical waveguides and optical crystals; modelling and measurement of optical performance; holographic optical elements (HOEs) and diffractive optical elements (DOEs); industrial processes and reducing their environmental impact; holographic data storage.
Conversion and Finishing:
  • labels; ID cards and driving licences; passports and other travel documents; banknotes;
  • packaging; laminates; hologram coins.
Applications and Markets:
  • currency; personal and vehicle identification; brand protection (including tax stamps, pharma, track and trace, certificates of authenticity); brand enhancement (including packaging and promotion); non-destructive testing (NDT); holographic stereograms and computer-generated holographic images; display holography for archival purposes.

If you are interested in presenting a paper, send a 200-word abstract by 13 September 2024 to Micaal Sidorov, [email protected], or use the form below.


How to Submit Your Abstract