History of the High Security Printing EMEA Conference


Both this event, and its sister event, High Security Printing™ Asia, were acquired by Reconnaissance – specialists in consultancy, publishing and events for the currency, ID and authentication sectors – in 2009. The two events – which were founded in 2002 and 2004 respectively – were joined by a third in 2012 – High Security Printing™ Latin America.

The conference has been a major success story. It has given the region a forum for high security documents where new products, technical developments, problems and solutions have all been aired and shared for the benefit of government departments, central banks, state and commercial security printers and paper mills, security feature suppliers and developers, systems integrators and other interested parties.

In 2012, we extended the reach of the conference to incorporate its neighbours with strong historic cultural and business ties – namely the Middle East and Africa.

Previous High Security Printing™ EMEA conferences were held in:

  • Lisbon (2020)
  • Malta (2019)
  • Warsaw (2018)
  • Baku (2017)
  • Bucharest (2016)
  • Budapest (2015)
  • Milan (2014)
  • Prague (2013)
  • St Petersburg (2012)
  • Vienna (2011)
  • Berlin (2010)
  • Warsaw (2009)
  • Prague (2008)
  • Budapest (2007)
  • Sofia (2006)
  • Kiev (2005)
  • Berlin (2004)

High Security Printing EMEA and its two sister events are part of a broader portfolio of conferences run by Reconnaissance International, that also include the Tax Stamp & Traceability Forum, Optical Document Security, Digital Document Security, the Coin Conference and the Future of Cash.