We present CHIMERA SECURITY™, the new holographic solution for security applications. Holograms are recorded with CHIMERA™, the third generation of full-color and ultra-realistic holoprinter and present unique features compare to the previous technologies available today on the market: CHIMERA™ holograms are printed at high frequencies—25 Hz—and with low-power continuous lasers; images display a large 120 degrees full-parallax (horizontal and vertical); surface grid is invisible to human eye with the highest resolution (250 microns); ultra-bright images can have both delicate and vivid colors, with deep gray levels and are easily visible; all special effects can be integrated—multichannel images, marking—to create unique images; CHIMERA™ masters are printed on Ultimate™ U04 photo-material glass plates with a size up to 60×80 cm. U04 is our in-house silver-halide holographic emulsion with the highest resolution—4 nm—on the market. These masters can then be copied in mass production for security applications on our Ultimate™ film or any full-color photopolymer materials.