Display Holography as an Intermediate for Science Communication:

The ‘Light-Alive’ series of Edutainment Exhibitions

Light-Alive’ series of exhibitions aim at introducing a new way to communicate classical and wave optics. Based on previous exhibitions organized by the Hellenic Institute of Holography and the Optics Museum of Saint-Petersburg ITMO University, this new concept has been specially produced as a science communication tool mainly addressed to Science Museums. STEAM methods have shown their efficiency for motivating students and re-educating general public by using display holography as the core of exhibition, around which other conventional exhibits are used in order to demonstrate and explain principles and methods for human vision, stereoscopy and 3D imaging. A renewed concept of an exhibition on holography (‘Magic of Light 2019’) at the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum during the first part of 2019 is presented. The measurable results of this innovative approach are analyzed together with proposals for further quantification analysis of visitors’ experience.