The process of hot stamping DOVIDs (holograms) is well established but suffers from the drawbacks of being slow and offline. It has been rejected by some powerful brand owners as unsuitable for high volume application. For this reason, cold foil is coming under new consideration. Cold foiling generally refers to the process of applying simple metallic effects to print. The process is fast and inline with wide web offset printers. Currently, the only technology for applying registered holographic images using cold foil is by narrow web flexo printing aimed at the label industry.

Development work is progressing in Europe which will change this picture during 2023. This presentation will describe recent work done by Fresnels Innovations Ltd to create a holographic cold foil which incorporates print and metal in register with the holographic image. Furthermore, the application of these images to plastic and paper substrates using cold foiling technology has been demonstrated. This presentation will describe what was achieved and why the development was the recipient of a Silver Leaf award from the prestigious Foil & Specialty Effects Association in June, 2022.