The History of Holography is in danger of being lost. The Museum of Holography in New York, the Chicago Museum of Holography, and the Musée de l’Holographie in Paris are all gone and their collections have either been dispersed, are up for sale, or are virtually unavailable.

We have lost many individuals from that first generation of Holographic Artists, Scientists, and Engineers and their masterpieces, the artifacts of their technology, their stories, are in limbo.

The latest developments in Light Field Technology offer the possibility of changing this and of making the history of the Art, Science and Technology of Holography available on a global level to anyone with a Virtual Reality Headset or a Digital Holographic Display. The Virtual Museum of Holography (the VMOH) will enable the global dispersion of knowledge about Holography.

In collaboration with Visby Inc. and the Center for the Holographic Arts, (the HoloCenter) we have demonstrated that it is possible to document holograms using Light Field Technology and to transmit this data today over current internet networks. In this paper Linda Law will explain the technology involved, the development work currently being explored, and describe the plan to launch the Virtual Museum of Holography.