Hazen is honored to once again have been selected to produce the Enshrinement 2022 Yearbook Cover. This is our 10th Enshrinement. It was going to be challenging to outperform last year’s cover. Last year’s cover was so good it was awarded Hologram Of The Year by the International Holographic Manufacturers Association. It was a tough act to follow!
Hazen’s Holographic Department is always ready to accept any challenge and the 2022 Cover is beyond all imagination. It is a brain twister and a mind expander and a light bender. And was Burning Hot off the press having been delivered at Hazen in September.
As an expression of our eternal gratitude Hazen was proud to be able to offer these highly collectable 2022 Enshrinement Year Books to employees and community friends.
For those of you who are aficionados of holography……the 2022 Cover was produced using our holographic transfer metallized film Envirofoil ® , it includes a new element that we call “Metal-Morphosis™”. See if you can spot where it is on the cover and impress us with your keen sense detection 😊. It is a security feature used to prevent counterfeiting on currency, passports and that kind of stuff. Hint……”All things under the Sun but never seen before”. You can see where Hazen is headed!