Of all the security features for banknotes holograms are arguably the most misunderstood. Today’s high security banknote-grade holograms are a world apart from the holograms that first appeared on banknotes in the 1980s and the decorative holographic effects available on commercial material today. Yet the word “hologram” applies to secure, decorative, old and new features, with people not always distinguishing between the differences. The name hologram is also used more broadly in a way that adds to the misconceptions – a “hologram” can be used to encompass a range of DOVIDs and DROVIDs. It isn’t unusual to see the term hologram applied to a feature that isn’t technically a hologram. It also isn’t unusual for a feature to be stated as “not a hologram” when it is producing effects that holograms can produce.

This presentation will explain how the technology has evolved, how secure banknote-grade holograms differ from other technologies, the role that polymer banknotes have played in unlocking new holographic effects and how the holograms offered today represent one of the best technical options available for securing your future banknotes series.