Holography has provided a very successful solution to the anti-counterfeit and authentication industry since the early 1980’s and still plays an important roll today. However, over that time period we have seen an ever increasing use of new and competitive OVD and anti-counterfeit solutions and although the sophistication of security holograms have risen to meet this challenge, so have the skills and knowledge of the counterfeiters.

In the growing face of new non optical and smart phone authentication technologies, the first line defence of the optical security feature still plays a key role in the security solution today and in the future, but it raises the question, “what is the future for holography and does it meet the technology needs for the new generation of optical authentication solutions”?

For some years now, multiple holographic and diffractive technologies have been combined within a single optical device to enhance its security value and now many of the leading manufacturers are looking to new non-holographic technologies, not just in isolation, but in combination with holographic and diffractive images.

In this presentation I will look at some of the new emerging optical technologies and assess their value in comparison and combination with holography. I will show examples from the wider industry and from OpSec’s new developments and conclude with a view on the future of holography in the authentication industry.