The aim of this presentation is to examine the implications of the evolution of the Metaverse from a perspective of holography and 3D display. To do this we will define what the Metaverse is and who are the current players, as a route to defining the opportunities. This will lead us what it has the potential to deliver for the holography and 3D image community.
The Metaverse aims to look (and feel) like a 3D graphical experience connected via the Internet. At this point in time we have to recognise that the concept is still developing but recognise the opportunity that large amounts of money are currently changing hands as companies vie for position. This is where the opportunities could lie for our community.
In terms of delivery, perspectives from the sociology, financial and technical press will be presented to gain a holistic perspective. The presentation will focus on some of the key players in this sector and outline the opportunities that this could bring for the holography and 3D image community.