The Republic of Belarus has accumulated significant experience in the field of goods marking. The control identification marks used for marking more than two dozen product groups are protected by the product of holographic nanotechnology “know-how” – a crystallogram (a hologram, additionally containing a latent polarization image). The authors of the patent for this unique product – control identification mark with combined protection, which has no analogs in the post-Soviet space, are such Belarusian enterprises as CJSC “Holographic Industry”, the Republican Scientific and Technical Enterprise “Cryptotech” of the Committee of State Signs under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Belarus, the State Scientific Institution BI Stepanov Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and others. Control identification marks with crystallograms are produced by Republican Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Printing Factory” of Goznak under a license agreement with Belarusian copyright holders. The production and later use of such control identification marks are carried out in the regime provided for the forms of strict reporting.

It seems to us reasonably that the addition of two-dimensional bar codes with crystallograms will fundamentally suppress wholesale resale of counterfeit (falsified) goods, their illegal retail sales and will ensure the maintenance of legal trade during periods of failure of national systems of traceability of goods or a unified register of identification means of the Eurasian Economic Union as a result of hacker attacks.

It remains to express the hope that the Belarusian experience in the use of protective crystallograms will be evaluated and widely used.