The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 The conference was very helpful to me. Here I met many professionals in the field of holography and received information about their manufacture which will help me in my work.

The State Forensic Examination Committee of the Republic of Belarus

The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 Really really enjoyed it. It was incredibly informative and the networking opportunities were very good. I hope to return soon.

University of Cambridge

The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 Very well organised, would love to attend the future conferences.

De Montfont University

The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 Having worked for several holographic and hot stamp foil companies during my career I’ve been fortunate to attend many conferences. This conference represents the best of the best in context of information. Thank you.

Crown Roll Leaf

The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 A very special event for me personally, after having attended practically all past HP/HC events for the last 30-odd years! Well done on a challenging location.

Hellenic Institute of Holography

The Holography Conference Online

8-9 December 2020


 The conference shows the possibilities of the future hologram.



About The Holography Conference 

The Holography Conference is the only global conference for the commercial holography industry – and has tracked every new development in holography since 1990.

And after a successful run of 30 years in the physical world, for 2020 the event is now going online – promising a new and invigorated format that is not only a reflection of the COVID-induced travel restrictions, but also a reflection of the changing the nature of the industry – one that has matured, specialised and diversified. 

THCO will comprise a minimum of four sessions, with four papers in each, spread over two days. And Reconnaissance anticipates that, with the constraints of travel costs and time removed, the event will attract a much larger audience than the physical equivalent.

The decision to change the event in order to provide more focused content and engagement aligned to the specialised sectors into which holography has evolved and now operates predates the pandemic. As Astrid Mitchell, CEO of Reconnaissance explains: ‘the previous format for the Holography Conference was no longer appropriate because of the difficulties in gathering people from around the world in one place to hear about the latest developments across such a broad spectrum of markets and applications. Our original plan was to carve out the different themes of the conference relating to security and authentication, brand enhancement and packaging and packaging, display holography, 3D imaging, HOEs and the rapidly growing field of wearables and augmented reality, and then run smaller, more focused events within or alongside larger events relating to those specific markets and technologies.’

 ‘Now, however, she continued, ‘the arrival of virtual events – which no-one had foreseen a year ago – provide the perfect opportunity to engage the community in all the different and fascinating aspects of holography in a safe, cost-effective and collaborative way. We look forward to advancing the understanding of, and interest in, this dynamic field through a new platform which will help take holography forward, in all its aspects.


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The Holography Conference Online (THCO)

THCO will be a fully interactive and virtual event. Appealing to people from all over the world this truly international event will take place for 3 hours a day over 2 days. Individual presentations as well as panel style formats will allow the audience to be completely involved in the conversation, in the form of Q&As, polls and audience-led discussion. There will plenty of opportunity for networking as well as the chance to get up to date with all the developments from within the industry from the comfort of your home or office.



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Tuesday 8 December 2020

11:00 – Opening Film & Conference Welcome

Session 1 – Resilience and Sustainability


The IHMA – Charting the Next Pathway for Holography

Paul Dunn, IHMA Chairman

International Hologram Manufactuer Association


How in-line inspection throughout the Hologram Production Process Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Cost

Jochen Kirsch

ISRA Surface Vision (Ger)


When Banknotes Sneeze, Do Holograms Catch a Cold?

David Tidmarsh

Reconnaissance (UK)


Light Field Technology – Bringing Holograms to Life in a Virtual World

Linda Law

Linda Law Holographics (USA)

Each presentation includes 5 minutes for Q&A

12:25 Break
12:30 Awards Intro and Submissions

Session 2 – Physical, Digital, Virtual


Physical and Digital – Combining the Best of Both Worlds for Robust Authentication

Pete Smallwood

Eltronis (UK)


Smart Holograms – Electronic Holograms for Smartphone-Based Verification

Jan Thiele

Prismade Labs (Germany)


When Digital Enhances the Physical Experience

Alex Lewis

SURYS (France)


Digital Authentication Using Photopolymer Holograms

Brett Nelson

De La Rue Authentication (USA)

Each presentation includes 5 minutes for Q&A

14:10 Panel Discussion
  • Francis Tuffy
  • Paul Dunn
  • Ian Lancaster
  • Pete Smallwood
14:45 Wrap-Up Day 1
15:00 IHMA AGM*

* Held on a separate platform, members will be informed

Wednesday 9 December 2020

11:00 – Opening Film & Conference Welcome

Session 3 – Cooperation, Collaboration, Competition


The Value of Holographic Security Foil

Michael Grau

Gietz (Switzerland)

Phil Holland

Komori (UK/Japan)


CHIMERA™ Masters and New Industrial Contact Copy Machine

Philippe Gentet

Ultimate Holography (France)


Laser-Induced Generation of Plasmonic Nanoparticles for Optical Security Features

Garry W. Mudd

OpSec Security (UK)

Demosthenes C. Koutsogeorgis

Nottingham Trent University (UK)


Use of Holographic Nanotechnologies for Protection Against Counterfeiting and Copying of Digital Goods Identification Codes

Leonid Tanin

Holography Industry CJSC

Each presentation includes 5 minutes for Q&A

12:25 Break
12:30 Awards Intro and Submissions

Session 4 – Innovation and the Next Frontier


Edge-to-edge DOVIDs in Polycarbonate Documents

Robert Dvořák

IQ Structures (Czech Republic)


Advantages of UV Recombination and UV Embossing

Guri Dhillon

XRD nano (UK)


Banknote Threads from KURZ with Nano/Microstructure and Interference Based Technologies

Ian Smith

KURZ (Germany)


The Importance of 3D Stereo Depth in Authentication

Clint Landrock

Nanotech Security Corporation (Canada)

Each presentation includes 5 minutes for Q&A

14:10 Awards Ceremony
14:30 Conference Closing

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Whole event sponsor (includes showcase branding during the entire live stream) – £5,000
Session sponsor – £2,000
Banner advertising – £1,500
Sponsor option to add pre-recorded adverts – £1,500

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