China Hologram market is huge and includes ID documents, certificates, tobacco and liquor packaging, FMCG packaging and labels and security labels.

China Hologram industry supply chain is also very abundant, with production of all kinds of hologram products such as hot and cold foils, cold foil, laminates, transfer foils, stripes etc. Particular growth has been seen in laser transfer paper for tobacco and liquor packaging with outstanding OVD effects. When it comes to origination, most technologies are imported, but with embossing and coating equipment China has full local supply chain.

Some local hologram producers already have very advanced technology, like high-speed hologram foil with single image combined with deep structure like lens effects. For the liquor market, local hologram suppliers can offer unique solutions on glass bottle via a LTM process, which can bear 20 min high temperature baking process. The market volume is worth more than 28 million US dollars.

China hologram market is developing quickly, both production technology and production capacity are growing rapidly. In the near future, China hologram companies will enter into global market.

The presentation will cover:

Part 1: Hologram industry and supply chain in China

1\. Hologram products and main suppliers

2\. Supply chain

Part 2: Hologram application in China

1\. ID documents and cards: lamination film, single image hot stamping foil, hologram stripe

2\. Cigarette packaging for anti-counterfeiting purpose / for unique decorative purpose

3\. FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) packaging for decorative purpose

4\. Anti-counterfeiting label

Part 3: China Hologram Market outlook for next 5 years

Part 4: SID (Security Identity Union) Introduction