Failure to understand the basic rights and ownership of copyright in a security hologram and its key function in the integrity of their use as a security product, can result in the inadvertent creation of counterfeit holograms, legal and costly battles over ownership and provide clear opportunities for counterfeiters. In awareness and support of this, the IHMA introduced the Hologram Image Register (HIR) which, for nearly 30 years, has provided an international secure registry of holographic images, to safeguard hologram copyright and underpin the use of holograms in authentication and security printing. Although over the years, the HIR has undergone several changes, by its name it has fundamentally remained a register for holographic security images. The evolution in security technologies today, has guided the IHMA to plan the expansion of the Image Register to include all optical technologies. This paper will discuss the changes in technologies and how the new Security Image Register will evolve to support the broad OVD technologies, applications and markets.