A Hologram is a very technically complex security feature that helps protect security documents around the world. Wonderful! So why aren’t simulated and counterfeit holograms detected by the users of those documents? Most of them do not know what they are looking for to authenticate the document.

Let’s take banknotes for example. If a hologram has five different elements to inspect, does the user know what each element does? Can the user remember all this information? Most counterfeiters will attempt a simple simulation using a silver metallic pen or glitter. The fact that these simulations easily pass into circulation indicates either: a) the cash handler does not know what to look for, b) the hologram is too complex to authenticate or c) they simply don’t care!

This presentation will highlight how the latest innovations can help in authenticating holograms for the non-technical user. A complex hologram can be easy to authenticate if the right effects are used in an intuitive design.

This is sure to be a highly debated topic within this group of technically minded experts!