ISRA VISION is a highly innovative global player in the machine vision industry. The business unit Security of our Surface Vision division specializes in in-line inspection solutions for security substrates and printing.

Seamless optical inspection of holographic foils throughout the production tool chain is particularly challenging as both the optical properties of the material and the typical defects change form process step to process step. Hence, ISRA VISION has developed specialized optical set-ups with distinct illumination and camera solutions for each hologram production process. Parameters that have a direct influence on hologram quality, e.g., diffraction efficiency and transversal stretching, are measured at the earliest possible time. The particular challenges of “floating objects”, a typical and common feature in holographic material, are mastered with highly specialized intelligent filters and algorithms, so that pseudo-defects are suppressed and no actual defects are missed.

As a complement to the inspection systems themselves, workflow and waste management tools make sure no defective footage is shipped to the customer and no good footage is wasted. Advanced analytical tools allow joining machine parameters with inspection data for in-depth ex-post-facto analysis and process parameter optimization.

A comprehensive inspection infrastructure throughout the production process yields enormous cost-saving potential by enabling real-time process control, eliminating defects – and thus costly quality claims – and enabling process efficiency optimization.