Commonly used in passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, and more, holographic optical effects are striking and attractive. Holograms are widely used to secure identity documents, specifically as the picture is the most attacked feature. Traditionally, holograms are placed on the corner of the primary portrait, covering only a small part of the picture. Due to this, they do not guarantee efficient protection against forgery. Additionally, few experts can really verify the authenticity of a hologram, as sometimes the effects are complex to understand.

To overcome this, IDEMIA has developed LASINK™ Helios―a polychromatic color portrait integrated in a DOVID, protecting the secondary portrait. By combining color personalization and diffractive technologies, this new security feature offers efficient protection of an ID document. As a secondary portrait, it strengthens security by preventing fraudsters from any alteration attempts of the primary portrait. Moreover, its unique visual effects are very easy to authenticate.