Production of holograms is a complex, long and expensive process, which pays off only due to the release of a large volume of identical holograms.

The hologram is primarily an element of protection against counterfeiting the securities. However, it is difficult for an ordinary person to distinguish an authentic hologram from a fake one.

Instant holography offers this possibility, turning the hologram into a complex public security features.

Shield the instant hologram from direct light source, and you will see that instead of a hologram on the surface of the sheet material an image of the dots appeared, being the input holes of the channels created by laser pulses.

Look at an instant hologram in transmitted light and you will see an image of dots demetallized by laser pulses instead of a hologram.

But most importantly – an instant hologram can be made for no more than a few tens of seconds, depending on the number of dots in the image.

This opens up the possibility of instant holography to protect against counterfeiting the securities and ID, the latter can now be equipped with individual portraits, perceived as holographic.