Since many years we see the trend to more and more complex holograms. But on the other side, a lot of end-users have the problem that they don’t know how the real hologram should look like. This is especially a problem considering the fact, that nowadays already very sophisticated holograms can be ordered online by everyone.

We at Prismade Labs have developed a solution which enables end-users to verify holograms digitally with the own smartphone. Thus, no more reliance on the end-user’s knowledge of the hologram feature is necessary. The technology is based on capacitive sensing and requires just some minor adaptions at the hologram design. Our software decoder can be embedded in any app or website to make sure that the “smart hologram” can be securely verified on any smartphone. Unlike camera-based systems, this new approach is more secure and easier to access.

For B2C applications, smart holograms offer a new way for customers and citizens to verify products and documents. Additionally, they serve as a key to connect to digital services, enabling new business models for product-, document- or hologram manufacturers.

For B2B applications, Prismade offers an additional proprietary scanning device, adding an additional security feature for professionals to check product and document authenticity and origin.

Prismade (Printed Smart Devices) is a technology developer with more than 10 years of experience in printed electronics. Prismade licenses the patented smart hologram technology, including the design know how to upgrade existing holograms and a cloud-based machine learning software service to authenticate the smart holograms and its new applications.